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Illustration of Hand sanitiser liquid flowing from its pump bottle into the palm of a hand

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Australian Vaccine Services has hand sanitizer available for online purchase. Keep you and your family safe with our 99.9% sterilisation hand sanitizer. The product can be used without water and comes in a handy 500ml bottle with pump dispenser. Hand hygiene is a proven method of slowing the spread of COVID-19 and hand sanitizer is a simple and reliable method of ensuring your hands are clean.

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Buy Hand Sanitizer Online

Hand Sanitizer Product Description

Box contains 24 bottles of 500ml 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer – Was $6, Now Only $2 a bottle

Moisturising effect upon application

Nonstick fresh gel type
  • Sterilization 99.9%
  • Hand Disinfectant Without Rinse
  • Ethanol 70%
  • Keep hands and skin moisturized with humidity ingredients
  • Anytime, anywhere easily without water
  • Must-have for disease prevention