COVID-19 and Flu vaccinations [FAQs]

Can I get a flu vaccination if I've had my COVID-19 vaccination?

The ATAGI has recommended that individuals need to allow a 2-week gap between having their COVID-19 vaccination and Flu vaccination (either before/after you have a COVID-19 vaccine).

We have created this planner to help individuals prepare for their Covid-19 and Flu vaccine.

Will the COVID-19 vaccine also protect me against the flu?

The COVID-19 vaccine will not protect you against influenza (flu). It will be important to get a flu vaccination next flu season. Flu vaccination reduces your chances of getting influenza, which means it reduces the risk of you having influenza at the same time as a COVID-19 infection. Being vaccinated against the flu also helps to protect others, particularly people who are more vulnerable to infections (e.g. elderly people).

Safeguarding against influenza is always recommended as statistics show an average of 1,500 to 3,000 people die from influenza in Australia each year. This is much higher than those dying from COVID-19 in the country. If you get the flu, your immune system is compromised, making you much more susceptible to other infections such as COVID-19. That is why having a flu shot is more important than ever this year.

Does the COVID-19 vaccine contain the live COVID-19 virus, or can I get sick with COVID-19 from the vaccine?

None of the vaccines currently provisionally approved or being reviewed for use in Australia contains a live virus that can cause COVID-19

Diagram to help you plan for your COVID-19 and Flu Vaccinations.

To help you prepare and plan for your COVID-19 and Flu Vaccinations we have created this diagram that outlines the vaccination options specific to whether the COVID-19 vaccine of AstraZeneca or Pfizer is administered first, or the flu vaccination.

For each vaccination schedule the minimum recommended period that should occur between the administering of COVID-19 vaccine doses and flu vaccination is provided.
Planning your COVID-19 and Flu Vaccinations in Australia
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