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Interested in providing your staff with a more indepth look at their health. For a small charge, AVS are offering onsite healthy heart assessments gives employees the opportunity to have a confidential review of their health. 

Participants will be provided with an individual review card including key healthy heart indicators such as:

  • Cholesterol Level
  • Blood Glucose Level
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hip-Waist Ratio
  • BMI

Each health check takes 15 - 25 minutes and will include a list of recommendations to the employee based on the results of the tests and the health & life style conversation with the registered nurse.

Branded Health Information Packs

Customisable / branded health information packs can be provided to employee as part of the health check and/or wider corporate wellness initiative. These can include topics such as:

  • Staying healthy in winter
  • Staying safe in the summer sun
  • Getting healthy for summer
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health

Australian Vaccine Services Employee Health Assessments

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Company Health Report
Once the health checks are complete, your company will be provided with a company health summary report that can be used to bench mark future health assessments. The report provides a summary of the following:

Blood Pressure
Number of employees with normal, intermediate and elevated readings.

Blood Glucose
Number of employees with normal, intermediate and elevated readings.

Weight & Waist Measurements
The number of participants with normal readings, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, greater increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Risk Factors
The number of employees that have health risk factors that require attention.

Common Topics
A summary of observations made by the nursing team and any common themes raised by employees