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Flu and your business – understand the risks

Society often assumes that flu is only of a concern in “flu season”, and this means that too many people neglect to get their flu vaccines topped up. However, the flu can strike at any time of year—and getting the flu is sure to leave you feeling incredibly unwell. In fact, for some people, getting the flu can actually be a very dangerous thing!

The flu is a nasty disease that is far worse than the common cold. Symptoms and serious sickness usually pass after a few days, however, there are some circumstances where a simple flu diagnosis may then lead onto more serious complications. Being aware of these is essential for all businesses, as failing to understand the risks could put many workers at risk of getting seriously ill.

Certain groups are particularly susceptible to getting ill from the flu. These people are termed “medically at-risk”. They include the elderly (especially those individuals who are aged 65 years or older); very young children and infants, especially those which have recently come off of breast milk which contains natural antibodies; pregnant women; or any other individual who may have an underlying health condition which may prevent their body from being able to take action against the flu virus—leading to far more serious consequences.

But what is the solution to this problem? The flu can be a devastating illness, and for a business, the threat of having the flu spread through the workplace is one that could cause severe absenteeism and become a large cost for the business. Influenza can put the health of the workforce and their loved ones at risk as well, which will invariably result in lower productivity and potential mistakes being made.

Thankfully, though, there is a solution that can help to keep you and your workers safe this season, and that solution is to offer staff the opportunity to receive a vaccination via a workplace flu vaccination program.

AVS is one of Australia’s leading specialist vaccination and employee wellbeing providers. The AVS highly experienced project management team and fully qualified immunisation nurses provide a simple and effective onsite solution for vaccinating your staff. Our team are compassionate and efficient and can help you to get your workforce vaccinated against the most common strains of flu this season, from the comfort of your own location or via our pharmacy partners.

So, don’t get caught out when flu strikes. Get in touch and get your business’ workforce vaccinated against the major strains of flu!