AVS now taking bookings for Onsite Covid-19 and flu vaccinations

Workplace Flu Vaccinations
Canberra, ACT

AVS is a nationwide onsite influenza vaccine and Pharmacy Flu Voucher provider, servicing client site locations across the country. AVS employs immunisation nurses in the local Canberra and ACT community to deliver a reliable and convenient onsite flu vaccinations service to your employees.

Onsite Flu Shots Canberra & ACT

In 2019, we administered over 9,100 onsite vaccinations and provided you with access to partnering Pharmacies across Canberra and ACT for convenient Pharmacy Flu Vouchers, allowing you to include staff that could not attend an onsite clinic, work remotely or for smaller sites.

In the Australian Capital Territory, we service the Canberra CBD as well as locations such as Gungahlin, Monash and Holt.

Contact us or call us on 02 5104 0791 to check if we service your location(s).

Why should you get flu shots for your employees?

The best protection against influenza is the flu shot. Offering your workforce the flu shot ensures your employees’ wellbeing and keeps your staff healthy and productive during the flu season and curbs transmission of the virus.

An employee flu vaccination program pays for itself, reducing absenteeism and associated cost to the business due to sick days and impacted operations. A flu vaccination program further demonstrates interest in workforce health and wellbeing, promoting a healthy workforce and increasing morale.

3,982 laboratory confirmed notifications of Influenza (nation-wide 305,646) were recorded in ACT, as of 15th November 2019. This number is likely to be much higher, as not everyone who falls ill with influenza will be diagnosed by a GP or Hospital. Source: Department of Health, National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance Report

Some of our Canberra & ACT flu vaccination clients include:

Attorney General Department (Federal), Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ACCC, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), Canberra Institute of Technology, Canberra Institute of Technology, Comcare, Department of Environment, Department of Industry, Department of Jobs, Department of Parliamentary Services, and Department of Social Services, National Archives of Australia, National Portrait Gallery, Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, UNSW and YWCA Canberra to name a few.

Worplace flu vaccinations Canberra ACT
Australian Government - Attorney-General's Department
Australian Government - Department of Parliamentary Services
Australian Government - Department of Social Services