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Corporate Flu Shots & Vaccination Services in Perth

What are corporate flu vaccination services?

These services are a great way to ensure that your entire staff is protected from the latest flu strains. A team of specialist vaccination nurses will visit your premises, set up a hygienic space, and administer the vaccines to employees who have chosen to participate. How will flu vaccination services benefit our business/organisation?

Our data shows that vaccination can reduce unplanned absences by up to 35% for the year. Other benefits include:
  • increased productivity
  • limited extra work for present employees
  • limited spread of virus throughout office space
  • improved overall employee wellbeing
  • demonstrates management’s interest in employee health

It’s clear that employee flu vaccinations are the way to go when it comes to managing employee health, wellbeing and productivity. Contact us for a quote on vaccinating your workforce and gain the peace of mind that everyone will be kept in the best 

What’s included?

Australian Vaccine Services offer an all-inclusive flu shot service which covers:

  • Project management: all planning, scheduling and booking is taken care of for you
  • A specialist team of vaccination nurses delivering the latest WHO-recommended vaccine.We always follow the recommendations from the World Health Organisation, which sets the standard for the provision of healthcare worldwide.
  • Conveniently located (Hay Street, CBD) partner clinic, for employees who need to get vaccinated on their own time
  • Free promotional material, to help get everyone involved – a greater response rate will mean a larger chance your workplace will be kept safe from illnesses throughout the season.
  • With everything included in one convenient, end-to-end package, your workplace will be able to reap the benefits even sooner. Speak to us about integrating a carefully considered health plan into your company.

When can we book flu vaccinations in Perth?

It’s easy to book corporate flu vaccination services with AVS – we’re located throughout Australia, including in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We’re always happy to prepare a free quote and answer any outstanding questions you may have. To get started, contact us on 1800 FLU VAC (1800 358 822) or (02) 8097 0703. We will be pleased to support you with the provision of comprehensive healthcare during the flu season.