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Bulk Buy Hand Sanitiser: 24 x 500ml 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser – $6 a bottle

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A bulk purchase of alcohol gel hand santisier for your workplace ensures your staff, customers and clients have ready access to sanitiser when they need it to help reduce bacteria that can cause disease. 

Order Information: One box will contain 24 bottles of 500ml 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser – $6 a bottle


Biomedisun Hand Sanitizer manufactured by PL Cosmetic

Moisturizing effect upon application

Nonstick fresh gel type

  • Sterilization 99.9%
  • Hand Disinfectant Without Rinse
  • Ethanol 70%
  • Keep hands and skin moisturized with humidity ingredients
  • Anytime, anywhere easily without water
  • Must-have for disease prevention

How to use

Biomedisun Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitiser being applied to palm

1. Take a proper amount of hand sanitiser on your palm.

Palms being rubbed together with hand sanitiser

2. Rub your palms.

Hands folded together with fingers interlocked rubbing hand sanitiser into them

3. Fold your hands and rub your fingers.

Illustration demonstrating application of hand sanitiser from a pump bottle onto palm of hand

4. Again, take some hand sanitiser on your palm.

Hand sanitiser being rubbed onto nails of hand

5. Rub it on your nails.

Rubbing fingers with the sanitised palm of the other hand

6. Rub your fingers with the palm of your hands.


Take a proper amount onto your palm and gently rub and then, let it dry.

BIOMEDISUN - 500ml 99.9% Effective Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Product Information

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Biomedisun Hand Sanitizer